The European Commission, Clean Sky JU and INEA organised a two-day workshop on EU Aviation Research Policy on Noise, towards linking noise research and technological developments with certification and regulatory issues at EASA and ICAO level. 

The objectives of the workshop have been 

  1. provide an overview of the current aviation noise related challenges, both arising from the ever-increasing traffic operations and from prevailing regulatory framework;
  2. present an overview of the current EU aviation noise research and a snapshot of progress at European, National and International levels, including operational advancements (Air Navigation Services, Airports, etc);
  3. identify gaps between needs and current responses and gather recommendations on specific topics which should be addressed in the short, medium and long-term, including aspects such as:
    • progress on research topics considered in ACARE STRIA Challenges 1 and 3;
    • advanced noise procedures and monitoring systems, including noise spreading- concentrating traffic patterns techniques, land use planning and transparent communication means with neighbouring communities;
    • noise optimisation techniques for “en-route” operations for aircrafts and future urban air transport;
    • noise targets and noise annoyance indicators;
    • acceptability criteria for new aircraft architectures;
  4. Bring together EU aviation noise research stakeholders and amend appropriately EU aviation research roadmaps.

AERIALIST has been invited in a session dedicated to the reduction of noise at the source, with a presentation entitled:

  • Iemma Umberto, Azarpeyvand Mahdi, Carley Michael, Göransson Peter, Kennedy John, “AERIALIST Project”

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