A session dedicated to AERIALIST, entitled “R&D Research in the field of Aeronautics & Air Transport”, has been held during the 9th EASN international conference on “Innovation in aviation & space”. The AERIALIST research team contributed with the following presentations:

  • Imran Bashir, “Development Of 3d Boundary Element Method For The Simulation Of Acoustic Metamaterials/ Metasurfaces In Aero-Acoustic Environment (In Flow) For Next Generation Aero-Engine Applications”;
  • Umberto Iemma, “AERIALIST: an integrated toolchain for the design of metamaterial-based devices in aeronautics”;
  • Huina Mao, “An inverse method for design and characterisation of acoustic materials”;
  • John Kennedy, “The influence of additive manufacturing strategies on the performance of acoustic metamaterials”;

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